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Tour in Guanajuato City


Its origins go back to the rich veins of silver, discovered in the sixteen century. The generous viceroyalty endowed this city with beautiful temples, palaces and city squares.

On this tour among other places, we will visit the museum Diego Rivera, The Juarez Theater, The University, and the Mummies museum, as well as pass through its underground street and tunnels which make this city a unique appeal.

Tour in San Miguel de Allende


This distinguished city by its squares and buildings, both civil and religious with its elegant colonial ambiences, that make it a unique city. Thanks to its recent artistic community became popular as a destination for vacationing and place of refuge for retirement, being San Miguel de Allende a excellence place of cultural enrichment.

In a historic downtown walking tour, we will know the city from its pre-Hispanic origins, also through its colonial period (1510-1810) and what it represents till our days.

We will visit: The Parish of San Miguel Archangel, The house of the General Ignacio Allende, the house of the Counts of La Canal, Theater Angela Peralta, Domingo Allende’s House, place where the conspiracy meetings were held.

The second tour that we offer, complete the first, with the visit to El Chorro, Juarez Park, The Instituto Allende and the Botanical garden.

For sure after these tours you will not need more reasons to be fascinated with the life of San Miguel.

Tour in Dolores Hidalgo


Dolores Hidalgo is the birthplace of the Mexico independence because on the dawn of September 16th 1810, in the atrium of the Parish “Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores”, the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla gave “El Grito” that harangued the population to fight for their freedom and independency; who left a legacy of crafts traditions with works on looms, carpentry, pottery talavera style, and it is the biggest attractive of the city.

Tour in Queretaro City


Even though Queretaro is an industrial city, despite its size is perfectly ordered and is one of the cleanest cities around the country, its historical Center has that rich colonial feel, so attractive for the tourism.

Among other important events this place was where the constitution was promulgated in 1917 and ended with the second monarchy in the country 1867 when Maximilian was executed.

Stressing also because of the many monasteries located here arise the Franciscans in charge of evangelizing the north of the country.

It is interesting to visit: El Cerro de las Campanas, La Plaza de Armas, El Museo Regional, go through the Ex-convento de la Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa de Viterbo, as well as to know El Acueducto the symbol of the city.

Do You want more tours.


Teotihuacan. According to the Aztecas Indians, THE PLACES WHERE MENS BECOME GODS.

Atotonilco. The Sistine chapel of America, for Its variety of frescoes. 

Mineral de Pozos. the ghost town. And some people say, the next San Miguel.

Peña de Bernal. There is the third biggest monolith in the world. Besides we will visit Cavas Freixenet to taste a good wine.

Mariposas Monarcas. The biggest natural migration of the monarch butterfly.