More about our Eco Plan


Why are we interested in innovating the way we will do our Transportation services?

It is beacuse impact on air quality caused by fuel vehicles (gasoline or diesel) in the country, causing a large number of respiratory diseases, especially with those most vulnerable to this type of disease as our Children or Older Adults. And help the world.


Chevrolet Bolt EV (Electric Car)

Discover the technology, performance and why it was named The Green Car of the Year by The Green Car Journal & Car of the Year by Motor Trend Magazine.

And also thanks to its 238 Miles of autonomy (The biggest of it´s Category) give us the possibility to offer it, in almost all of our services*

*except to transfers with more than 120 Miles between San Miguel de Allende and your destination


Nissan X-trail Hybrid

Safety, Technology, Comfort and support to the Environment are just some of many words that describes the New X-trail Hybrid, thanks to the perfect combination of it´s 2 motors (Gasoline & Electric) it offers even a 30% less emissions generated by a traditional SUV.

With an approximate range of 490 Miles this vehicle has all the requirements to be offer in all our services no matter how far you want to go!!!

Even more about our Eco Plan

Afforestation Campaing in San Miguel de Allende


Concerned about the quality of the air. As a company our commitment will be to carry out an Afforestation Campaign in San Miguel de Allende, throughout November 2018 we will donate a tree for each Transfer or Tour you reserve in our Eco Vehicles

We will have this campaing every November. And let You know all details through our Web page and social media.

Inviting to all our clients to travel with us in any date during November and be part of this compromise that we have with the Environment

Importance of "Travel Green"


Thanks to the technology incorporated in electric and hybrid vehicles, we can reduce even 99% of the pollution

This means that for every 200 km (distance between SMA to BJX) we can reduce almost 72 Kg of CO2 by using an electric vehicle or 45 kg of CO2 using a hybrid vehicle.